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My OCs. (So I can keep track)


-Amaya Kurotsume
-Eira Morgan

Side charas of MFB:
-Akemi and Akihiro Kurotsume

Zero G:
-Ray Singhe
-Ace Tarrant

Golden fire (Victoria-Ishikawa)
-Ashika De Silva

-Nariko Haiirokage
-Asuka Chairo
-Ajeng Marroia-Jvala

OC total: 8
Overall total: 10


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In the mean time, have some emojis! 😏🤣🔥🤘🦁🙈☄️⚡️🌪🏏🥇🎸🥇🏎🚀🌋💻📱⌚️🔑🗝🛎📌✒️📕❤️💚🇱🇰🇮🇳
Basically, first ten people to comment. I'll put there username and three artworks I like from em. All ya have to do is comment and share this journal (as in make yours) and put me as the first one with your favs of my deviantations
Starfire - The Prize by STERNFEUERR
Metal Fight Beyblade OC Profile: Risa (WIP)
Name: Risa Miller
Nickname: Ri (especially by Amelia, Luke and Nathaniel)
Age: 29 (Metal Fury)
        36 (Zero G/Shogun Steel)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual (heteroromantic)
Ethnicity: English/Scottish
Nationality: British
Birthday: 15th May (Taurus)
Born in: Edinburgh, Scotland
Family: Peter Miller (Father), Ruth Miller (Mother), Nathaniel (Nathan for short) and Luke (Older brothers), Ginga Hagane (stepson), Mhairi (said Vah-ree, not Mah-ree) Hagane (daughter), Sara Hagane (daughter) (Mhairi was born 3 years before Zero-G started and Sara was born a year before Zero-G started)
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (167 centimetres)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kilograms)
Hair: Dark brown, long and straight, usually in a plait. Her bangs are in two parts, with the left side having slightly more hair than the right side (In Zero-G, she has her hair cut shorter to

DreamsLonely. Sometimes, that's all Ana ever felt. Her father often locked himself in his study, and her mother was taken from them by the Reaper not long after Ana's birth. Sure, there was someone there to cater for most of her needs, but it wasn't the same as a parent...
"Anastasia? Lunch is served." Olivia--her nanny and caretaker, effectively--came bustling into Ana's room, ready to push her young charge off to the dining room. Taking a glance around the room, she spotted a book and a few little bits and pieces on Ana's desk, and frowned, "Anastasia Kirkbell, you know I disapprove of a young lady such as yourself taking an interest in this newfangled steam nonsense. Magic has served us perfectly well." Olivia brushed some dust off her apron, then retied her long black hair into a ponytail, before settling to pull Ana away from her nice wooden desk, sometimes thankful Ana wasn't able to walk. Sometimes.
Ana simply smiled, ready to re-explain what she was trying to do, "But if we comb

Bubble"There you are!" Kana exclaimed, having found her triplet Hana behind the sofa in their living room--a usual hiding spot, "I found your bag, Hana." She held the bag out to her sibling, glad she had been able to find it. This would make the trip to the mall for the puppet show slightly easier. She dimly wondered why Hana felt the need to wear her cardigan indoors, especially as at the moment said cardigan was too big for her. There were just some things Kana wondered if she'd ever understand...
At this, Hana looked up, having heard something--and seen the small-ish white-and-pink bag. She smiled, taking the bag and opening it, checking to see if her favourite toys were in there. "Why was it gone?" She asked, voice monotone, tipping her head a bit.
"Aunt Haruna moved it. Again." Kana knelt down, glancing at the screen--Hana had been playing computer games, it turned out, "Everything is in there--including your earphones." When will Auntie get it through h

Kyoya Tategami (Shogun Steel/Zero-G) by Max-Gemini-431
Leone Motif by Max-Gemini-431
ELITES by Max-Gemini-431
:T: Khair Pagedoll by Mint-Quetzal
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Pacific Rim Neural Handshake ::REDO::

Redoing Of this old comic strip lol --->…

And instead of doing the black and white panels for the memories, I used the blue hues of the actual movies (--> and the blotchy screens of panels 3,5 and 7 are transition screens (--->

Panel 4: Thesani, Amaya's mum, being hugged by Akihiro and Amaya (Amaya on the left)

Panel 6: Kyoya headcanon. Him being handed his launcher. (Sry I rlly couldn't think of anything ^^;)

Anyways Enjoy

Amaya and art (c) Me

Kyoya (c) Takafumi Adachi

I linked the first one here cos I'm not bothered to explain the concept. The description  in the old one explains this concept of drifting lol

Hey Guys. Long time no status.
my exams finish next week so would anyone be interested if I opened commissions 
also a big apology for my absence as well. XD
Sry not bothered to think of a good title ^^;

I doodled this a few days ago and never got around to colouring so yah. XD Eira and Hieroglyphics lol. XD

Eira and Art (c) me

Hieroglyphics texture -->…

Fighting the Imbalance

Ok this took an age ^^;. Lol actually not as long as I would've thought. I just doodled this this morning so I progressed from there! 

And this was inspired by SOMETHING I just forgit what. URGH, useless sry XD

Lol I just desperately needed to do a linear,es work after seeing so many amazing pics that the rest of you guys have done and Imma use this as my ID and icon for a bit. (DONT GET ME WRONG I LOVE MY CURRENT ONES AND I WILL ALWAYS) XD





Tree texture -…

Akihiro Kurotsume

Woohoo! Finally done!!! XD 

Welp this is Akihiro Kurotume. Scorchi's bro. 

And first of, lemme give a HUGE thank you to LightningClawedSky whose responsible for the AMAZING (repeat that a million time) SKULL RACE TATOO! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much Light! And the guro tattoo on his neck was inspired by another idea of her's and she really is awesome with this stuff:

This was the original sketch for the chara (with Light's input)

//Btw the F1 tattoo on his wrist was my idea, not that it a good one. It's just the logo 

Sry I don't have the one with the skull suggestion (cos I lost it by accident sry ^^;) but it's pretty much like how it's up there on the pic!! Again A HUGE DANKESCHÖN! Tysm Light, I rlly owe you!

Btw, I'm still not finalising the helmet. Imma remake that with more patterns later..

Anyways here's some info:

Name: Akihiro "Aki" Ishara Kurotsume

Age: 19 (Fury) 26 (Zero G)

Beyblade: Tungsten Makara DF145WD (formerly, doesn't use it as much)

Type: Defence

Bitbeast: the ferocious crocodile monster from Sri Lankan mythology, the Makara, who has the trunk of an elephant, the feet of a lion, the ears of a pig, the body of a fish living in water, the teeth turned outwards, eyes like a human’s, and a tail. Teel aura.

-That's All I have folks atm sry ^^;-


Also yes I know he doesn't look like Amaya. She inherited Her mom,s hair and dad,s eyes and Aki is the other way around (if that can happen). I wanted contrast between them but also some resemblance. I doubt I executed the last bit that well ^^; ah well..

also he speaks with a slight British accent (cos he spent 3 yrs in Manchester)

And the hair is gathered at the back in a braid btw. Also the braid from behind the ear was inspired by the Star Wars Padawan braid ^^; lol sry, I watched the entire series again last night so... Yah XD

Chara and Art (c)

Tattoos (c) LightningClawedSky 

(Full version here --> )

F1 logo --->…
Red Bull logo -->…

“Life is a race to see who’s the strongest. And the strongest will be me.”
-Amaya Kurotsume

Name: Amaya Kurotsume (雨の夜 // 黒い爪)

Name Meaning: "Amaya" is a name of Basque/ Arabic origin and technically isn't a Japanese name but is written using the characters for Rain (Ame) and Night (Yoru) in Japanese context and has the same meaning : Night Rain (however the Japanese characters are translated as "Rainy Night").
"Kurotsume" is a surname with a literal translation of "black claw" in Japanese.

Alias: ‘Scorcher’ (Formula 1 racing nickname), ‘Maya’/’Maya-Chan’ (Yu Tendo/Tithi), 'Nangi' (Sinhala for "Little Sister") (Akihiro Kurotsume),
'Akki' (Sinhala for "Big Sister") (Akemi Kurotsume)

Age: 14 (fusion), 15 (masters), 16 (fury), 23 (Zero G)

D.O.B: 21st August (Leo-Virgo cusp)

Ethnicity: Sri Lankan (mother)
                Japanese-Punjabi (father)

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual Heteroromantic

Element: Fire, Darkness (Hellfire)

Occupation: Formula One Racer, Blader, Owner of Axcell Racing Academy and racing instructor (Zero G)

Height: 5”1

Weight: 41kgs

Hair: Amaya's hair is a jet-black with a sort of purplish sheen to it. However during the end part of Masters, she was jostled during a special move which caused most of her ponytail to be singed off. She then dyed the ends red signaling a both change of heart towards the bladers as well as a change in outfit.

Eyes: Green

Skin: Medium Tan

Personal Style: Amaya usually just wears baggy, Uni-sexual clothes that allow her to move in comfortably without hindering her performance. Often it doesn't flatter her figure either.

Build: Amaya’s build is supposed to be athletic and slightly wide set but due to a high metabolism, she is quite androgynous, and for a girl her age, she’s not that curvy and is flat chested. She is slightly underweight, although having a normal diet. She’s also quite short. She does get some curves as she matures through her time in college but still is considered "skinny".

Blading outline:
Team: Battle A.R.M.S (leader)

Bey: Blaze Panthera 105 HF/S (fusion/masters)
      Crimson Panthera F : D (Fury)
      RagingFire Panthera SA165R2F (Zero G)

Beyblade type: Attack, Defence (Lost Constellations concept KristalDawn07)

Bitbeast: a jet black ‘panthera pardus’ or Black Panther.

Bitbeast appearance: A jet Black Panther adorned with silver and red, head/claw armour.

Constellation: "Panther (Cygnus & part of Cepheus) The Panther is closely associated with the realm of the dead and the afterlife. It is the sacred beast of Nergal, the Babylonian lord of the dead, and it has probably been set among the winter-time stars to guard the entrance to the underworld. A memory of the Panther may well live on in the guise of Cerberus, the three-headed hound that guarded the entrance to the Greek underworld.”

Special moves:
Crimson Drive (main move): Panthera circles the stadium so fast that it becomes invisible and with the force of the speed created, the bey smashes into the opponent’s. Each ‘smash’ resembles a claw swipe from a panther.

Dark Inferno: Panthera creates an inferno of black fire and concentrates the force into a single blast to knock the opponent out of the stadium. The bit beast panther would be surrounded by a black firestorm and literally ‘head butt’ into the opponent.

Scorching claw stab: In this move Amaya pinpoints and instructs Panthers to hit each of a bey’s outer weaknesses, (for example, if the weakness is in the spin tip, then Panthera would try to knock the bey into the air and when it’s in the air, hit the weak spot.) This is Maya’s weakest attack

Other moves: Comet Gloom, Black Fang Attack

Personal Outline:
Family:-Kichirou Kurotsume (father)
            -Thesani Kurotsume {nee De Silva} - (mother)
            -Akihiro Kurotsume (older brother)
            -Akemi Kurotsume (younger sister)
            -Ashika Kachina De Silva (cousin (mother’s side))
            -Ramen De Silva (uncle (mother’s side))
            -Aiyana De Silva {nee Locklear} (aunt (mother’s side)
            -Hiro (sister’s wolfhound)
Zero G:
            -Kyoya Tategami (husband)
            -Leo Tategami (son)

Love interest: Kyoya Tategami

Lionheart Shipping: At the beginning of their relationship, Amaya and Kyoya had a VERY rocky start. They had a bad rivalry and hate directed at eachother for the purpose that each annoyed the other (Amaya found the fact that she couldn’t defeat Kyoya annoying after battling him the first time and failing rematches after then and Kyoya found Amaya’s forceful requests for rematches annoying). The two, also, had a tendency to get on eachother’s nerves which caused them to judge too quickly and avoid one-another. However, the two slowly progressed to see eachother’s potential through observing their beybattles with other opponents in the bey stadium, their rivalry developed into a more teasing and competitive relationship rather than hate, although Amaya still did have a few doubts about him being on the side of good or not. On one occasion, (after another rematch and Kyoya’s exit from DN), she observed him train to satisfy her doubts and when Eira (who was gonna try cause Kyoya harm out of his disrespect and insult he’d given her) launched her bey at him from behind to hurt him, she proceeded to launch her bey to protect him out of instincts and the fact that he’d won her respect from their last beybattle where he had very visibly used near to all his might and her the same. He was quite annoyed at first as his instincts sort of felt that the attack was coming but Amaya beat him to it. And after an argument about why she did, Amaya confessed that he’d won her respect plus the fact that she admitted watching him to confirm that her doubts were not true, and Kyoya, was a bit surprised as she was one of the people that disliked him the most. But he grudgingly came to the conclusion that he returned the favour after recounting the rematch and observing more of her beybattles, albeit not one of his primary intentions to, although he did find the fact that she was watching him WAS a bit off-putting.
Although the two preferred not be in the other’s company for long, their rivalry turned into a more respectful and teasing yet still VERY competitive one. However, Amaya slowly and grudgingly, felt herself falling for the fanged male, being attracted by his dedication, power and perseverance and in a way, saw that he was very similar to herself in a way.
By the time after Fury, she was definitely in love, albeit doing a great job of suppressing her feelings for him but damming herself right there, right then she picked up her courage and confronted herself and hinted that she use to have feelings for him despite the fact that she still did and threatened to get him deep trouble if he told ABSOLOUTELY ANYONE and also stated that people would also assume he liked her too if he did, thus spoiling HIS rep too. Amaya promptly left and left a confused Kyoya to figure it out.
Kyoya was really put off then (by confession and threat) and swore himself to hold the respect and alliance (because if he didn’t, she’d be a powerful and ANNOYING enemy to make) and ONLY that but unknown to him, he was falling for her himself, the confession stuck at the back of his mind. But as they got older and being more mature, the remaining hate seemed to thin and they realised at least spending a little time with eachother wasn’t as bad as they anticipated and through the numerous beybattles, they realised they liked beybattling each other although they never admitted except at a point Amaya chose to confide in her sister about her feelings. And they two seemed to be attracted from then on for a while and tried suppressing their feelings for the sake of their reps. However as adults, they did go their separate ways after Amaya left for University, never admitting their feelings UNTIL they reunited and remembered the suppressed feelings they surprisingly still had. But being WAY more mature than their teenage personas they both recognised the attraction and managed to genuinely fall in love. However out of the pair, Amaya is the more caring, Kyoya being the more serious, still brash and quite rude individual but they do have the feelings albeit neither (Kyoya especially) choosing to not show the fact that he cares. However, although they were in a relationship, it was extremely private out of the fact that neither wanted it to be very public and for the fact that they chose to focus on their respective careers and responsibilities and not letting anything hold them back what they wanted to do. They do make a decision marry while on holiday , a year after Zero G and have a one kid: Leo Tategami, a year after.

Close friends: Scarlett Galexia ©, Miyako Hikou (formerly) ©, Regge Degetta ©, Akemi Kurotsume ©, Hiro ©, Arashi Hikou ©,

Friends: Rise Yatogami ©, Allison Spear –AU- ©, Carla Star ©, Kenta, Ryuko ©, Iruka Mizusawa ©, Atsuki Tsumeda ©, Ayane Hayashi ©, Erzebet Kaniszay -AU-©

Rivals: Kyoya, Gingka, Naomi ©, Masamune, Nile

Enemies: DN/Doji, Dr.Ziggurat/Hades Inc., Nemesis


Gingka and co. (not including Kyoya):
Amaya doesn’t really consider herself part of Gingka’s group. She stays away from them and only intervenes sometimes. With the exception of Kenta, she doesn’t have a very sentimental bond with any of them. She never even trusted them initially and for most part of both Fusion and Masters, she interacted and was alright hanging around them but didn't trust them with her personal details and got defensive if they pried. It was only during Fury that she actually did trust them and then her actual interactions weren't that long.

     -Kenta Yumiya: Amaya, like how she treats her sister, is slightly protective of Kenta and she finds him ‘cute’. She finds him better company than Gingka and co. and has a somewhat of a soft spot for him.

Akihiro Kurotsume ©: Amaya's relationship with her brother was quite eclectic. In the beginning she admired him and attained quite a lot of her tomboyish tendencies from him and started playing cricket and Beyblade through his influences (much to the annoyance of her mother). The two were very close, and despite the occasional mud-fights and feats of competitiveness, they looked out for eachother. However post the death of her mother, Akihiro was the one preferred over his sister and he made no attempts to convince his father that Amaya was just as a good candidate and even supported some of his fathers remarks against his sister. Amaya lost trust in him and left but after reuniting a few years later, the two made up and went on to start anew.

Akemi Kurotsume ©: Amaya is protective of her sister and at the time she didn’t know of her uncle and his family, considered her ‘the only family I have’ despite the fact that they aren’t blood related. Akemi is however, one of those few people whose words have an effect on Amaya’s choices and one who, actually makes her big sister, consider her suggestions and options. She does, have those moments where she annoys Amaya but is forgive quite quickly compared to others depending on her ‘offence’.

Kyoya Tategami: The Amaya-Kyoya relationship was originally a one with brutal hate to the point where they couldn’t stand for long without an argument. However overtime they turn to a more teasing and competitive rivalry after a scenario. The two do respect each other’s power and potential in beyblade and even Amaya and her racing. Though for the most part after Fusion they had a mutual relationship. They were respectful and didn’t take unnecessary jabs at eachother and even (rarely) commented on eachother’s blading skills and even whispered to themselves about the other’s prowess albeit VERY rarely and next to never. But other than the occasional comeback or argument, they do get along quite well in an I-wont-fight-with-you-unless-I-have-to way. They do purposefully aim sarcasm at eachother at some moments. But in a way, one reason they still do dislike the eachother a bit is that (in later life) they have feelings for eachother which they would rather not admit.
They do tend to tease eachother from time to time and even through some rare compliments as well (Amaya more than Yoyo).Kyoya does however, have a slight tendency to treat Amaya like she was inferior to him which infuriated her greatly. And even though they do have a relationship in later life, it isn't overly romantic at all.

Masamune: Out of the people she’d ever met, to Amaya, Masamune was the most annoying with his narcissistic attitude to his achievements which she despised and irked her as he openly claimed to have the title that she was putting a LOT of effort to get and that HE in her views, was besmirching. And Masamune is the only person Amaya openly exchanges insults every waking moment in her life when she meets him up to adulthood where, the two grudgingly reach a mutual relationship but they have a tendency to insult and be sarcastic to eachother by habit even then. During her teen years, Amaya considered Masamune the ‘ultimate fool’ because of his energetic behaviour.

Battle A.R.M.S: Being the leader of this team, Amaya was originally quite hard on her teammates and didn’t really accept their ideas. However, talking it out with her team, she managed to open up to them and not lead them as hard. She developed a strong bond with all of them. Amaya does however, make them train hard during Masters despite some objections. The only times she let them off was on their breaks and if they were ill or injured.
    - Regge Degetta ©: For Amaya, she considers Regge, her ‘little sister’ out of the group. They are quite close and Regge, like Kenta and Akemi, were one of the only ones Amaya had a very close sentimental bond with.
 - Miyako Hikou ©: Amaya and Miyako, like her relationship with the other team members, was close but Amaya was depressed when Miyako betrayed them. Personally, the two got along well
 -Scarlett Galexia ©: Aside from an occasional disagreement, Amaya and Scarlett do get along. Although she knows Scarlett might nit like her rigorous training intentions they do get along very well and respect eachother a lot.

Ryuko ©: Amaya and Ryuko don’t have an extremely close relationship but they don’t have a strained, fight filled one either. Amaya does find Ryuko's opinion of Sakyo highly amusing. In Zero G, Amaya started teaching Ryuko racing.

Raion Tategami ©: Raion and Amaya, unlike said person's cousin, get along extremely well. Raion being more patient and Amaya respecting his wishes not to be compared to Kyoya. They often jam together on their bass and electric guitars in later life and have a similar taste in music. Amaya is very fond of the teen as well.

Likes: Racing, Beyblading, Warmth, The quiet, penknives, tea, cricket, guitars, cars (specifically sports cars and F1 cars)

Dislikes: Masamune, Obnoxiousness, skirts, losing (although she learns from defeat)

Hobbies: Racing, Beyblading, Meditating, Playing Cricket, Fiddling with her penknife, Occasionally Playing Guitar

Personality: Amaya is a very silent person by nature. She doesn't interact that much with Gingka and co. and she is quite an intelligent person who learned from experience. Amaya respects every Blader (especially Kyoya and Gingka) even if they (for example Masamune) annoy her. She is used to working by herself influenced from learning things by herself from her father’s neglect and for the fact that there won't be objections that way. Amaya also doesn't trust people easily and even if she does get to know them is still a bit suspicious. This stemmed from all the times her father broke her promises and the fact that in her early life, she trusted him to be a good role model and guide a fact which he betrayed. Amaya also never discusses her past that much and always gives some sort of half truth to people she doesn't particularly like or trust.She generally tends to be dominant and ignore others decisions but after her team talks to her about it she becomes more open to ideas and lets people guide her at times. Amaya also dislikes how easily she can get angry and does meditation (more specifically Buddhist meditation) quite a lot to calm herself down and it has worked so far in her life and she isn’t as easily provoked now. She does however, have a soft spot for some younger bladers. Amaya also tends to dwell a bit in the past and has a bit of insecurities like if she was a strong blader, would her brother whom she hadn't met in a while, still undermine her and be stronger somehow? And because of her insecurities, she keeps trying to improve and often it's with pretty reckless methods that lack safety for herself (she doesn't use the same methods when training her team and when it includes other people though). As she got older, Amaya showed her slight slapstick sense of humour and good/cheeky side more openly but continued to be just as reckless with her training as well as her racing which does seem to aggravate the people she cares about. Amaya does have an instinctual sense of justice and dignity towards some characters. She can be loving and caring when she wants to be (which is rarely during her teen years).
But all in all, she is a very headstrong, solitary, anger prone, stubborn, and introverted yet fierce, loyal and independent individual whose Blader spirit burns bright.

Strengths: Intelligent, Strong Blader, Experience in cars and driving, Trilingual,

Weaknesses: Anger issues, easily annoyed, really solitary, Weak left wrist, A bit too Dominant (initially), Trust issues, Recklessness

Amaya was born on the 21st of August to her racing track owner father Kichirou Kurotsume and her Forensic Fire –expert mother Thesani Kurotsume and older brother Akihiro, in Durdans Hospital in Sri Lanka during a family holiday. Her life was reasonably stable for her first 6 yrs. She often played cricket and beyblade and competed with her brother (who often beat her). However, when she was six, during the monsoon season, Amaya’s mother was called back to Sri Lanka to help her (mother’s) family since there was a huge flood from the rain. Thesani went and came back with a young girl, she named ‘Akemi’ and had adopted after saving her life in the flood. Amaya got along with Akemi was became slightly protective of her well-being like her brother.
The happiness however, was over 6 yrs later, as Amaya’s mother died after receiving 3rd and 4th degree burns sustained during an accident in one of her example experiments. After Thesani’s death, Amaya’s father became a bit mentally unstable and paranoid about who was going to take over his small racing firm that he ran in Kyoto. His belief was that since his wife was dead, it was only a matter of time that he would die too. After thinking about the problem and seeing as only males had inherited the track rights after HIS dad had founded it, Kichirou started teaching his son racing. Amaya also became interested and tagged along for classes and both she and her brother became passionate about racing and became good in driving the simulator cars along with her bro.
But with Kichirou’s paranoia worsening, he started to favourite his son over his daughter and did it openly and eventually started not to care for her either. He broke promises of signing Amaya up for tournaments and essentially provided for her solitary tendencies. At the beginning Amaya started to try prove herself and became somewhat of an Atychiphobic but....
By the time Amaya turned 13, Kichirou announced that he would be passing the company onto Akihiro and Amaya, who had had enough, contemplated leaving, not being able to handle her jealousy.
She eventually did, signing up for a different racing academy so she could properly learn racing from a more experienced instructor and so she could get away from her father who she had an extreme anger with. Amaya went on to become a racer for their junior division and went to races around the world.

Arrival into Metal City:
Amaya’s purpose to come to Metal City was to (originally) participate in her second-to-last car race. However, after hearing a rumour about a terrific battle between two bladers called Kyoya and Gingka, her guilty passion to beyblade ignited and she, in her spare time, sought the bladers out to see if they were worth it out of curiosity.
And it turned out they definitely were cos she lost to both and she had an urge to stay and settle the score and even met a young blader by the name of Kenta that touched her soft spot due to his insistence that he hung around her after she met him in a battle with Gingka where she saved him from being crushed by a piece of concrete after a structure where Amaya and Gingka were battling under, collapsed.
After that, Amaya then remembered to a day when her mother admitted her feelings that if she controlled her daughter, then she’d make sure that Amaya never touched a car and be a dedicated blader for the reasons that Thesani spent her life dedicated to her work and never got a chance to express her great beyblade potential plus the fact that her daughter would make some friends but also that it was all her daughter’s choice and she’d support it like a parent should. The younger Amaya then proceeded to blindly promise that she would do like her mother preferred.
After that, the teen realised that she’d broke half the promise she’d made and that she at least needed to make sure she held the other part.
Realising that racing wasn’t worth the friendship with Kenta and her mother’s promise, she dropped out. Also realising she didn’t have any close friends at her racing firm, just people who would suck up to any good racer just cos they were good at what they do.

Zero G: In Zero G, Amaya actually had graduated from Kumamoto University under the topic of Business and with the WBBA’s help, opened a company called ‘Axcell Racing Academy’ for teaching racing to students. It had both senior and junior division and do attend Grand Prix’s to race.

Axcell Racing Academy:
Axcell Racing Academy is a Racing school started by the Kurotsume siblings to try teach people how to race but in its essence isn't an actual racing company on its own but a part of the racing sponsor, Red Bull Racing which decided to sponsor the school if in tern, there students would race representing them. Akihiro accepted the offer, having worked for them before as a racer. She still does National Grand Prix's for them as well as being an instructor.
Akihiro is however, the main manager as he works the job full time (having retired early from racing to properly run the company) unlike Amaya who juggles between assisting him, teaching and racing for Red Bull.

-Amaya’s company which she quite from, opene  race track for racing in Metal City and this is basically where Amaya would practice when she re-joined Red Bull Racing. However they did want to close a few years later as they didn't see any need for the base in Metal City as it rarely held races but Amaya influenced their decision not to when she and her brother put forward an idea for a racing academy to be held on those grounds.

-Amaya's mother was actually raised in Britain, hence why her younger brother Raman De Silva and Amaya's cousin Ashika were raised as British. Her family moved there to escape the chaos of the Sri Lankan Civil War as they were living in a town prone to attacks. They still kept their religion and Buddhist beliefs and moved back years later, leaving the now adult Thesani behind as she wanted to keep her job and also keep guardianship over Raman. Thesani left after Raman finished college and moved to Japan

-If asked to pick, Amaya would actually say that she prefers her Sri Lankan side over her other halves due to her adoration of her mother.

-Her penknife originally belonged to her grandfather and her beyblade originally belonged to her grandmother.

-She has a habit of calling people by their last name when she’s annoyed.

-Amaya tends not to put too much weight on her left wrist since she broke it once when she lost control of her car during an in Japan race, and the car flipped upside down, enabling Amaya’s body weight to be pressured on her wrist, breaking it. She also dislocated it twice later. Once in Fury and another time in College.

-Amaya can speak three languages: English, Japanese, Sinhala fluently but still has some grammar problems writing in Sinhala, and aside from speaking a few phrases, her Punjabi is heavily limited and she cannot read or write it.

-She has a mutual relationship with her father in Zero G but nothing above that because one side of her still distrusts him and she feels like he is a stranger sometimes.

-In private, Amaya sometimes refers to her sister as ‘nangi’ which is Sinhala for ‘little sister’ and "Ayia" (Sinhala for "big brother") to Akihiro.

-Her brother, Akihiro, actually moved temporarily to England at age 17 to race for a firm that was better than his father's (with much protest from Kichirou who, grudgingly agreed) and loss interest in wanting to inherit the firm. He moved back three years later, aged 20, to catch up with his sister properly and, a few years later, to assist in the opening of the company where, he then dissipated his father's company and joined the buildings as part of Axcell (with agreement from his father who again, wasn't too thrilled).

      -He has a small tradition of getting a tattoo every time he participated in a     significant race in which he got in the top 5. This continued from when he was 18 till he ended his racing career to focus on running Axcell, aged 25.

-The age gap between Amaya and Akemi is 6 yrs and with her brother, it's 3 yrs.

-She sometimes plays cricket with her siblings and is quit talented in batting. But contrary to this, she's pretty terrible at sports  (football and volleyball being her worst) and it was one of her insecurities next to her very talented brother who was very good at most. Feeling sympathy, her brother did ease her feelings and helped her perfect the sports she was good at till adulthood.
She's still good at F1 racing, swimming (which she learnt as a life skill more than for fun), cricket and some aspects of self defence (if that is considered as sport).

-Although she hasn’t practiced in years, Amaya used to play guitar as a young kid, being taught by her mother who was in her school band in her youth. She still has her electric guitar and does occasionally plays with people she feels comfortable to share music with (Raion Tategami being one (c) LightningClawedSky ;P).

-She has a love for dogs albeit having a bey with a big cat beast. She and her brother adopted a German Shepherd who they named Kiyan, "Kiy" for short.


"You have my un-wavered attention. Why not try to gain my respect by PROVING you’re the no.1 blader you claim yourself to be?"
{Amaya to Masamune}

"tamā adhyayanaya kaḷa ohu tama svāmiyā ya" ("He who has studied himself is his own master.") - A Sri Lankan saying.
{Mutters to Regge in Masters before a battle}

"I care for my team more than you think. Which is more than I can say for you, Your Highness."
{To Kyoya}

"I love you kid but I won't play the part of mentor. Gingka is just that."
{To Kenta after she refuses to train him}

"Your good, but you’re not the best and you shouldn't give into self satisfaction just yet. But your doing good."
{To Akemi}

"You have my utmost respect Gingka, just don't expect me to care much for endeavours unless it's extreme danger."
{To Gingka}

{To Kyoya during a battle}

“Stop treating me like I’m inferior to you cos you perfectly well know that I.AM.NOT!”
{To Kyoya Tategami}

"Stop thinking and do it! This isn't the time to second guess or doubt yourself OR the variables! Stop being cowardly! You beat me, you beat Kyoya, you also kicked Tsubasa's butt! You can take this guy down as well!"
{To Gingka on the topic of Ryuga}

"Dude, ya didn't need to say anything further than 'Rock On! Let's play..."
{To Raion Tategami concerning music}
Amaya Kurotsume Bio
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oh and btw, Amaya is friends with Alison and Ezzy in an AU since well Ali is also shipped with Yoyo and Erze AND Ayane is shipped with Yugie.

All OC's copyrighted to owners!
Lost Constellations concept belongs to KristalDawn07 

Amaya and ideas (c) to me
Art (c) Priss-BloodEmpress
Bio template is here --->
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Video Games
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"If Beyblade didn't exist, what activity will your OC take up instead?"
Well Amaya was a formula once racer from the start before she quit, so she would probs stay with Racing if beyblade didn't exist,
She returns to it after Fury anyway XD
This is her shortly after the race. Calming down XD
Anyways enjoy
Art and OC (c) Me
BG (c)… (I blurred it)
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And by "act like Maya" I mean like this scrapped panel of a comic strip I wasn't bothered to do :
But I will do a comic strip but about mother's love. I'm to lazy to try with Kyoya's hair ^^;
Eira and Amaya and all art here (c) ME
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A little gift for LVampir OF her amazing OC Marisol!! XD I really do love your OC and ship with Hikaru! It's so unique and I love it since as far as I can see, it's so much more interesting than a Hikaru X Canon person ship I've seen (nobody be offended. This is my opinion) cos in all honesty, for me Hikaru's personality clashes a lot with most canons but so far Marisol seems pretty compatible, I hope to see more info for her soon! Keep improving 
Character (c) LVampir
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